Where can one find a prostitute in Puerto Vallarta

Where can one find a prostitute in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has always been an immensely popular resort place in Mexico, being situated not far from the American borderline. It’s much appreciated for its sand beaches along the Pacific coast. After prostitution and escort services had been legalized the flow of tourists increased fivefold due to crowds of intimate pleasure seekers. Nevertheless, it’s still a problem for travelers to find a reliable prostitute who would do her work carefully without putting men’s health and finance at risk – for this one should know where exactly in Puerto Vallarta he can meet a healthy and honest reliable putana.


Venues of female commercial sex workers

To spare yourself running around the town in search of attractive puta’s, it would be wise to find out beforehand which districts of Puerto Vallarta are preferred by reliable professional prostitutes. Keep in mind that in the town there are dangerous streets and places where in parallel with night butterflies’ various criminal groups hang around. And they are looking forward to getting something out of naïve foreign tourists. That’s why it could be safer to ask a taxi driver for advice, for taxi drivers know very well all local bordellos and salons of intimate services and will take you there.

1. Guatemala Street. The part of Guatemala Street until its intersection with Bolivia Street is the place of the Mexican individual sex workers hangout. Here you’ll see inexpensive girls charging men not more than 15-20 US dollars per hour of sexual fun. Puta’s start gathering here when it begins to get dark, midnight being the peak of activities. But if you look for a fresher flower, you’d better come to Guatemala Street at 10-11 PM when there is still some range to choose from.

2. Olas Ultras in the downtown. This is the place where prostitutes get together after midnight because when it’s still light the police drives them away from here. You can find their 10-12-night butterflies of all ages and price rates simultaneously. So, every customer is sure to choose somebody meeting his requirements. 

 3. Erendira Hotel. It’s a spontaneous venue of putas, that’s why it’s not every day or at any time of the day that you can find them here. However popular hours for making acquaintances are 19.00-21.00. Individual sex workers also like to spend time at the bars next door, such as BallenaAzul and Por K No and you can easily identify them by skimpy outfits, bright make-up and demonstrative behavior.

4. MontesDeOca Hotel. Here the prostitutes of Puerto Vallarta stand in groups near the entrance of the hotel, where managers always keep 4-5 rooms reserved for sex workers with clients.


Alternative pick-up methods

If looking for putanas in the streets is not your cup of tea, you can use less wasteful and much safer methods of intimate dating. For example, in Puerto Vallarta there are the following options available:


 1. Internet portals. There are a few well-promoted internet portals in Mexico, such as https://pander.info/escorts/puerto-vallarta where one can choose an attractive girl among hundreds of others in the majority of cities. This method implies an advantage, which is a more affordable price, because these girls don’t have to pay interest to a pimp or sex-salon’s manager. Online pick-up is more comfortable and secure because men don’t have to ramble around the town in search of intimate entertainments. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes, it’s very easy and you don’t even need to get up from your sofa.

 2. Escort services. The best decision for well-off customers will be a call to escort agencies of Puerto Vallarta. There a man can order a cutie partner for intimate pleasures and for going out to a party or reception. The advantage of this method is that only attractive, smart and healthy girls are accepted to work there. The disadvantage is that they charge 3-5 times as much as ordinary putas do. That’s why not all clients can afford enjoying their company.

 3. Pick-up through a receptionist. At least 3-4 reliable trustworthy prostitutes work at every hotel, tourist center or restaurant. They provide their services to the customers of those places. To order such a girl one has to talk to a manager or a receptionist. Moreover, sometimes sex services are performed by the employees of hotels or resorts, and it will be easy to make an arrangement with them right then and there.

You can also find prostitutes on duty in bars, at night clubs and discotheques. To give a woman a sign about your sexual intentions you’ll just have to offer her a cocktail. In some bars of Puerto Vallarta, it’s permitted even to invite a waitress to take a seat at your table, but in this case keep in mind that you’ll have to order a couple of cocktails at a price considerably higher than that indicated in the menu. The more precarious is the place, the farther it is from the center of the town, the higher is the risk of contracting a bunch of unpleasant diseases from a prostitute. That’s why remember to use your condoms.